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The past 18 months have provided the ultimate stress test for the digital banking initiatives of the US financial services industry.  As branches closed, banks and credit unions - and their customers and members – quickly learned what worked.  And what didn’t.  What’s clear is that every organization is doing triage on their biggest issues while simultaneously plotting ways to adapt quicker and better to changing consumer perceptions and expectations. 

The experience also shed light on how technology helped – and hindered – innovation and agility.  What did banks and credit unions learn, and how does that impact their digital banking strategies moving forward?

Register today and join us for five 30-minute interactive webinars focused on the latest intelligence and strategies to enhance and accelerate your organization’s Digital Banking initiatives.

All of these sessions will be presented live and will offer the opportunity for attendees to share their thoughts and ask questions to our expert speakers.  Register once and attend the sessions that matter most to you.

AGENDA (All Times Eastern Daylight Time)

11:00 AM: Is Overdraft Keeping You Awake?  Six Options to Overdraft That You Can Offer During Account Opening

While Congress has been cracking down on how financial services institutions use overdraft fees, there are multiple methods for banks to provide solutions that meet short-term liquidity needs and deliver on customer centricity. In this webinar, we’ll share some innovative solutions that can meet your customers’ needs and pass legislative and regulatory scrutiny.

12:00 PM: FICO Investigates: Top Trends in Digital Account Opening – Q&A with Tiffani Montez from Aite-Novarica Group

In this live discussion, Tiffani Montez (Senior Analyst with Aite-Novarica Group) and Darryl Knopp (Senior Director with FICO) will discuss (and maybe even debate) the top trends in digital account opening. Rapidly accelerated by the pandemic, digital has become the everyday banking channel, and many financial institutions are struggling to optimize customer experiences across channels and throughout the lifecycle. Join us to learn how financial services institutions can seize transformational opportunities for the new normal with a digital-first mindset by winning the customer, engaging in finances, earning trust, and building loyalty.

1:00 PM: The 11 Commandments of Digital Banking

FICO’s work with hundreds of leading financial institutions across the globe in their ambitious and often messy, yet highly educational digital transformation initiatives has yielded a number of insights about what works and what doesn’t. We’ve encapsulated these into 11 key insights - Commandments – that every organization should understand in shaping their digital banking strategies. In this session, we share the knowledge that drove the development of these Commandments and how your organization can benefit from incorporating these insights into your digital banking strategy.

2:00 PM: Data is at the Heart of Digital Transformation:  A Conversation with FICO Chief Technology Officer Claus Moldt

It’s not a coincidence that our event starts with a session on data.  Whether or not you’re a data guru or number cruncher, data is foundational in the digital banking strategies of the most successful organizations.  In this session, FICO CTO Claud Moldt will discuss the vital elements of a successful company’s data strategy and some fundamental ways to extract insights from that data to drive digital banking success.  Whether your organization employs thousands of data scientists or none at all, you’ll leave this session with a better understanding of how you should be looking at data and your data strategy as the most fundamental element of your organization’s digital banking initiatives.

3:00 PM: Emerging Consumer Credit Risk Trends and Resilience Insights

In this session, we’ll explore the current lending landscape by sharing recent insights into how FICO® Score dynamics have been changing since the onset of the pandemic.  We’ll explore FICO® Score trends and recent changes in key credit metrics, including a focus on the population of consumers who are still in and/or recently exited payment accommodation.  We’ll also share important insights gained from recent FICO® Resilience Index research examining delinquency rank ordering results for the total borrower population and those exiting accommodations.