Empowering consumers with financial knowledge and tools to help improve their financial health and to create a secure future

A community education and financial empowerment program brought to you by FICO in partnership with The National Urban League and the National Consumers League* to include a special address from Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.
You’re invited to  Score A Better Future in Las Vegas, NV 

Monday March 18th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
June Whitely Student Lounge - E Building

College of Southern Nevada- North Las Vegas Campus

3200 E Cheyenne Ave

North Las Vegas, NV 89030
Dinner Provided

Free Financial and Credit Counseling*, Free Food and Fun

We all have financial goals for our families but understanding how to get there can be a challenge.  FICO® Scores are the key to understanding your financial health. We want to help!   Join top national credit experts and non-profit credit counselors here in Las Vegas for a free educational program to learn how you can Score A Better Future for you and your family.

You will learn first-hand from FICO experts what are the key ingredients in the FICO® Score and shared common characteristics of consumers that are FICO® Score high-achievers. 

You’ll then sit down with local counselors from the independent not-for-profit financial empowerment organizations, for free, one-on-one credit and financial counseling*  to develop a plan specific to your financial health and goals.

Score A Better Future events are completely free.  Space is limited, so we highly recommend that you pre-register online to reserve your spot.

Walk in with questions - Walk out with a road map for your future
Don’t understand how credit scores work or know your FICO® Score?  Don’t worry, we’ll provide the information that you need as well as non-profit accredited credit coaches who will help you map your individualized plan for success.
Whether you are new to credit, wanting help to prepare for purchasing a home, or planning your retirement, knowledge is power and we will have experts on hand to help you get started. 

Free Access to your FICO® Score & 1-on-1 Financial & Credit Counseling*
Every attendee who comes to Score A Better Future Las Vegas will receive:

  •  Free access to your FICO® Score*, the score used in over 90% of all lending decisions.
  •  Insight into the two most influential score factors* with easy-to-understand, transparent explanations to help you understand your FICO® Score.
  •  On-site, free access to one-on-one credit and financial counseling* and customized plans to help you meet your targeted financial goals.
  •  The opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with a non-profit financial wellbeing coach who can help you stay on your financial management plan. 

Two Workshops Plus Free Dinner
Credit Scores 101

A free education session led by FICO about the myths and facts about FICO® Scores and how to build credit.  You’ll receive an overview of the key ingredients in FICO® Scores, which are critical to managing credit successfully. 

Individual Counseling with Nonprofit Certified Counselors
Sit down 1-on-1 with local non-profit certified credit counselors who can pull your FICO® Score* and start mapping out your plan for the future.  These counselors will be available to help you chart your progress, refresh your skills and meet your goals in the days and weeks after our event is over. You’ll walk out the door:

 ● Understanding credit and your FICO® Score
 ● And a plan to take control of your financial future

Your FICO® Score today doesn’t have to be your FICO® Score tomorrow

FICO is committed to helping all Americans Score A Better Future

At FICO, financial inclusion is in our DNA. For nearly 30 years, we have pioneered the scoring analytics that have helped democratize access to credit for millions of people.  

*FICO is committed to empowering more consumers through credit education to fuel economic growth.  This commitment is demonstrated through initiatives like FICO® Score Open Access, with over 160 financial institutions sharing free access to the FICO® Score they use to manage credit accounts, as well as through Score A Better Future, where credit counselors participate in the FICO® Score Open Access for Credit & Financial Counseling to provide free access to consumer credit information.