All Event Participants Receive

  • Free access to your FICO® Score, the score used in over 90% of all lending decisions.
  • Insight into the two most influential score factors* with easy-to-understand, transparent explanations to help you understand your FICO® Score.
  • Free access to one-on-one credit and financial counseling provided and customized plans to help you meet your targeted financial goals.
  • The opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with a non-profit financial counselor who can help you stay on your financial management plan.

Operation HOPE is a for-purpose organization working to disrupt poverty and empower inclusion for low and moderate-income youth and adults. Operation Hope is focused on financial dignity and inclusion. They equip young people and adults with the financial tools and education to secure a better future—coaching them through their personal aspirations and life’s challenges, and facilitating their journey to financial independence. Operation HOPE’s signature adult program, 700 Credit Score Communities, empower clients to take control of their finances, and in turn, transform their lives. Through workshops and one-on-one counseling, our financial counselors help clients create a budget, reduce and pay off debt, and clear errors from their credit reports. Seventy-two percent of clients see a FICO® Score increase; 25 percent achieve a 700+ FICO® Score after six months of participation.

Primary Counselors

Counselor Headshot Image
Natalie Llorente

Financial Wellbeing Coach with HOPE, Natalie helps people accomplish their financial goals through planning. It's not planning to fail, but failing to plan where most people get lost in translation. Natalie can help you to put the proper steps into place to make those incremental improvements. Take a step towards your financial freedom by working directly with Natalie. Backed by Operation HOPE which is a powerhouse of Financial Literacy professionals across the U.S. We help people drive their personal success!

Email: natalie.llorente@operationhope.org Youbookme link: https://llorente.youcanbook.me/

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Blake Vetrone

My name is Blake Vetrone & I am Credit & Money Management coach for Operation HOPE. When not helping people build 700+ Credit Scores, I really enjoy traveling. I actually studied & lived in Europe for 2 whole years to obtain my master’s degree in Finance. I really enjoy painting & I am currently learning to play the Ukulele. The best part of my job is helping my clients reach milestones such as, taking a dream vacation, paying off debt, or buying their first home.

Email: blake.vetrone@operationhope.org
Youbookme link: https://operationhopeglobal.youcanbook.me/

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Felicia Adams

Felicia Adams is a Financial Wellbeing Coach with Operation HOPE. She has worked as a Financial Educator and Advocate for over 20 years. Her passion is to improve the quality of life for each client. Obliterating financial despair and struggle-teaching the fundamentals in money management. She encourages clients to dream with a plan and a 700+ credit score. 

Her ultimate goal is to provide wealth-building practices for individuals, families, and communities. Felicia is a native of Chicago, IL. She earned a Communications degree from DePaul University. Financial Educator and Trainer for Chicago Public Schools. She finds joy in empowering individuals to attain success in practical ways.

Email: felicia.adams@operationhope.org
Youbookme link: https://felicia-adams.youcanbook.me/

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Joy Easterling

Hello, my name is Joy Easterling. I am a financial well-being coach for Operation HOPE. I graduated from North Carolina A & T State University with a degree in psychology, several credit cards, and student loan debt. I worked hard to understand my financial situation and rebuild my credit. I’ve been in the banking industry for over 15 years and I have a passion for volunteering in the community. I enjoy helping others learn about their financial situation and reach their life goals. My favorite quote is save your money because one day your money will save you. 

Email: joy.easterling@operationhope.org
Youbookme link: https://hopeinside-silercity.youcanbook.me/