Inman Connect 2018

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

San Francisco

July 17-20, 2018

What is Lead Retrieval?

Maximize your lead success with our affordable and easy to use devices - unobtrusive Lead Collection for a more successful Trade Show! It's more important than ever to capture every solid lead to gain a competitive advantage. No more misplaced business cards or tedious data entry to keep you from following up on your valuable leads!

Lead Retrieval FAQ

Purchase Options

The MicroScanner

Our simple and amazing "One Click" MicroScanner is a smart compact design that will quickly scan and collect data.

Only $349

Each additional scanner: $349

  • Simple & Sleek - Point and Scan
  • Compact Lightweight Design
  • Up to 14 Custom Qualifiers (view)
  • Leads emailed 48 business hours after end of show
  • 1000+ scans each day
  • 1.26"W x 2.44"L x .063”D

Unreturned or Damaged Microscanners will be billed $300 each.

The ProScanner

Our state-of-the-art handheld fully programmable scanner - with onscreen qualifiers and add your custom notes.

Only $449

Each additional scanner: $449

  • Bright Color Touch Screen
  • Latest Proven Technology
  • Up to 14 Custom Qualifiers
  • Add Your Custom Notes to Scans
  • Real-Time Leads Pushed to Web
  • 2.5”W x 5.2”L x 0.90”D
  • Need more qualifiers? You can add additional qualifiers directly in the settings of the device

Unreturned or Damaged Proscanners will be billed $1150 each.

Lead Retrieval Mobile App

Use your own smartphone for Lead Retrieval, Access Lead Management System for Tracking Leads.

Only $349

Each additional app: $349

  • Uses Device's Own Camera (must be autofocus)
  • Easy Scan or Manual Entry Mode
  • Immediate Data Availability
  • Onscreen Qualifiers and Notes
  • Local & Online Data Storage
  • 1 app per device
  • Need more qualifiers? You can add additional qualifiers directly in the settings of the device or in your mobile app

*Disclaimer - Devices supported include:

  • iPhone 6 or later with iOS 8 or later
  • iPad (4th Generation or later)
  • iPad Mini (3rd Generation or later)
  • iPad Air (any version)
  • iPod (6th Generation)
  • Android phone with an “auto focus” camera and operating system 8.0 or later* (scans in landscape only!)

Note: *Android tablets are not supported at this time.

Upon entering the unique activation code, it is the responsibility of the customer to have a solid internet connection by WiFi or cellular service.